Symbolic Wedding

Symbolic Weddings


Symbolic weddings in Lucca are ideal for those couples who do not wish to fill in all the paperwork necessary for a civil wedding in Italy.

A few basic details every couple considering of having a symbolic ceremony should know:
– A symbolic wedding is no legally binding and spouses have the freedom to personalize the ceremony as much as they want the ceremony can be performed by an officer as well as by a member of the family
– the content of a symbolic ceremony is choosen by the couple so that it reflects their credo and belief
– the ceremony style can be traditional, relaxed, formal, informal

there is no restriction in the choice of the venue (symbolic ceremony do not require to be held in a authorised location, which is the case of a civil ceremony) so you can have symbolic weddings in gondolas, hidden gardens in the heart of Venise, or even in a remote vineyard in the Venetian lagoon…